Spam LLBean social media account phishing for email addresses

File this under things Leon Leonwood Bean would never understand*.

On Monday afternoon, L.L.Bean’s PR team tweeted a disclaimer that it is not in fact giving away $100 gift cards on Instagram.

The culprit is a spam account on Instagram called LLBeanOfficial, whose profile says that to celebrate the company’s 100-year anniversary, “we’re giving away 5,000 gift-cards worth $100 to the first 10,000 followers!”

Not sure how they came up with that math … 5,000 gift cards to 10,000 followers … but it apparently doesn’t matter. As of Monday late afternoon, the account had 2,462 followers.

*H/t to Tony Ronzio for spotting this on Twitter and for his quip about Leon Leonwood and his understanding of social media.

Whit Richardson

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