Maine energy project on the cover of Popular Science

The new issue of Popular Science magazine features a contraption on its cover many Mainers will recognize.

The tidal energy project developed by Portland-based Ocean Renewable Power Co is featured on the cover of Popular Science’s June issue.

ORPC installed the tidal energy generator, known as TideGen, on the bottom of Cobscook Bay in 2012, and made history in September when for the first time in the western hemisphere, electricity flowed from an ocean-based turbine to the electricity grid.

The June issue of Popular Science’s cover story is on American energy independence, and features write-ups on several projects in the solar, waste and wind areas.

It’s short (five sentences) article on ORPC’s TideGen notes that “tidal currents are among the most predictable energy sources on Earth.” It says TideGen “can produce up to 150 kW, or enough electricity to power 25 homes, but ORPC plans to add 5 megawatts of capacity within three to five years.”

ORPC and its innovation has certainly placed Maine on the map when it comes to the renewable energy arena.

Here’s a BDN file photo of a yet-to-be-installed TideGen unit from July 2012.

A yet-to-be-installed Ocean Renewable Power Co. underwater TideGen turbine in Eastport, Maine, on Monday, July 23, 2012.

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